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  Mary Dill, Team Leader  

I served as mortality team leader on the project during the summer of 2005, managing the gathering and entry of information surrounding the life activities of 19th century missionaries around the globe. I am currently working on my graduate degree in sociology at UT-Austin. My specialization is in Family Demography and my dissertation is an examination of factors affecting the division of household labor in marriage. I am especially interested in questions related to how forces of modernity are affecting family functions, and the role of some social institutions in influencing the accommodation and/or resistance to these changes. I am originally from Wisconsin, where I spent most of my life, including my undergraduate years at UW-Madison, but I love Austin and plan to stay. I have two boys, ages 3 and 5, and we enjoy playing with our new puppy and getting into a lot of squirt-gun and pillow fights. I also play the guitar, write poetry, and often ponder the meaning of wisdom and life. My greatest academic experience has been working on this project with an awesome team of insightful and fun people and of course with Professor Woodberry, who has been a great example of how to immerse such a large group of researchers into a common purpose and bring out the best talents in each one of us. I leave the project with the hope that others will find out about this important work and gain a true appreciation of the massive influence missionaries have had in the social and economic development of countries around the world, which seems to have been largely ignored by other scholars until now.

  Bridget Gentile  
  Bridget is a junior sociology major and Spanish minor. She is also a member of the Liberal Arts Honors program and the American Red Cross Club. For PREC, Bridget entered data for the mortality team, helped evaluate new sources, and worked as a librarian. Favorite parts of the project - The people this project is blessed with some of the nicest people on campus. Professor Woodberry, the team leaders, and all of my fellow student workers are hard working, intelligent, and friendly. Future plans - I would like to get my masters and work for the federal government or a non-profit organizing and running programs. Joys– Drinking cold ice tea on hot days. Reading. Exercising. Playing with my pets (Napoleon and Haplo). Visiting my family in New Braunsfels and Houston. Spending my free time with my fiancé.  
  Christina Garcia  
  Christina is majoring in sociology and minoring in Religious Studies. When not working for PREC, she is employed part-time at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center as a student assistant. She is also active at University Christian Church, specifically with their Outreach Council as the Student Representative and the Micah 6 Food Pantry. A graduate of Ft. Worth’s Trimble Tech High School, Christina enjoys studying the role of religion in people's lives, live music, laughing, playing with her niece and nephew, and studying/participating in Baha'i Study Circles. After graduation, Christina would like to pursue a career helping people, perhaps as a guidance counselor. She would love to one day go to Scotland.  
  Brad Robicheaux  
  Brad is a Biology and Business Foundations major at UT. He is also a member of Sigma Pi Fraternity International, the N National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and an Eagle Scout. Brad’s interests include Anderson High School Football (little brother is still on the team), touring South America and hiking in rainforests He future plans include perhaps law school, teaching, or being a cruise ship dentist.  
  Drew Clinton  
  Drew is a Plan II/Anthropology major with aspirations of attending law school. He became interested in the project as a result of his involvement with the Bridging Disciplines Project and prior admiration for missionary activities. He is on the Student Advisory Board at the University United Methodist Church and a legislative aide for Representative Richard Raymond at the State Capitol. Drew plans to study abroad in Mexico in the summer of 2006.  
  Emily Cadick  
  Emily is a Plan II Honors and Government major, and is part of the Bridging Disciplines Program in Population and Public Policy. She will be studying in Washington, D.C. in the spring of 2006 as part of the UT in DC program. After graduation, Emily plans to pursue graduate study in public policy and begin a career in politics and public service. Her main interests within politics are women's issues, the environment, and human rights. When not in class or studying, she spends a lot of time working with the University Democrats, for which she serves as PR Director, and Voices for Choice, for which she is the historian. Emily also volunteers for an organization that provides resources to homeless families in the Austin area. Her hobbies include vegetarian cooking, running, travelling, New York Times crossword puzzles, art, and reading.  
  Wei Zheng  
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