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  Chris Pieper, Team Leader  
  Chris Pieper is a second-year doctoral student in Sociology. He received a BA in with Honors in Communications from Southwestern University in 1996, and an MA in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin in 1998. Chris' thesis examined the role of media coverage, public opinion, and political discourse on the welfare reform debate of the late 1990s. For six years, Chris was the Communications Director for the Center for Public Policy Priorities, Texas' leading research and advocacy group on low-income issues. His current research projects focus on religious beliefs, culture, theory, and political sociology. A native West Texan, Chris enjoys Southern cooking, playing drums, loud music, pro football, and long talks with his wife.  
  Ann Gore  
  Ann is a Government and Piano Performance major who also has a minor in Journalism. She was instrumental in compiling lists of media outlets and other audiences for the publicity team, ordering endless amounts of books for the mortality team, and constructing a time line of Protestant mission organizations. When not working for PREC, she is also employed part-time as a stage manager for the UT School of Music. In her spare time, she enjoys live music, reading, the outdoors, and trying new foods. Upon graduation, Ann plans to attend law school or pursue graduate studies in international relations.  
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  Jeremiah Spence    
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