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  Robert D. Woodberry  
  Robert Wodberry is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. His research analyzes the long-term impact of missions and colonialism on education, economic development, and political democracy in the global South. Other interests include the spread of religious liberty, the international diffusion of social movements, and measuring religious groups on surveys.
Along with coauthors he received the 2001 "Outstanding Published Article Award" from the Sociology of Religion Section of the American Sociological Association. He has served on the Councils of the ASA History of Sociology Section, 2000-02, and the ASA Sociology of Religion Section, 2000-01.
Recent publications include: "Christianity and Democracy: The Pioneering Protestants." Journal of Democracy. (2004); "Sociology of Religion." in The Blackwell Companion to Sociology (2001); "The Measure of American Religion" Social Forces. (2000); "When Surveys Lie and People Tell the Truth." American Sociological Review. (1998); "Fundamentalism et al.: Conservative Protestants in America." Annual Review of Sociology. (1998). For fun, he likes to travel (over 55 countries so far) and try food from different countries. He also has a unnatural predilection for old maps and missions history books.
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